Dimensional Talent Streams

Recapturing Identity-A Look into Client Opportunity

In today’s session Valerie Williams of Dimensional Talent Streams discusses in depth the many ways we as business owners, entrepreneurs, on-line marketers & those seeking business opportunities can look at the day-to-day activities with their prospects and clients and recapture their rightful identity!

In this power packed teaching, Recapture Identity is outlined in detail with the following:

  • Establishing & Foster Relationships with your prospects & clients
  • The different levels of relationships
  • What you can learn from your prospects & clients.
  • The three aspects of expectation
  • The meaningful conversations
  • Client Psychology
  • Recognizing Opportunity even in challenges.
  • Generate, Qualify & Manage
  • Retention & generating more business
  • Know your value
  •  How are you recapturing your identity, your prospects, clients, & business?

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