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What Memorial will your Life & Business Offer Up?

As I think about today being Memorial Day and just the history of today, I cannot help but to think about my life and ask myself the questions, “What have I been able to offer up as a memorial, what memory will I leave behind, how can I begin to lift up a memorial that represents my life?

As I reflect on these questions I reflect on my failures and accomplishments. But with my failures, learning from them and keeping them up as markers to remind myself to draw from everything needed from theses failures to learn from it, turn it into a positive and teach others not to make the same mistake.

In my accomplishments for 2021, it has been obtaining a business solutions platform for my business. When this opportunity presented itself to me, it was September of 2021, the nineth month of the year.

It is now May 31, 2021, Memorial Day and it has been eight months of me using this business platform within my business. Tomorrow being June 1st I will transition into the nineth month.

Seeing the number eight and nine jumped out at me as in my faith in Jesus Christ, numbers is one way that he speaks to me to help understand the fullness of what he is trying to articulate to me.

Eight means New Beginnings, new birth, new life, new creation, resurrection & redemption. Being moved into fresh & unspoiled places that we never imagined. Divine plan to change from being shattered & trembling victims to confident overcomers.

 Nine means, fruit bearing, forward progression and bringing life. As I saw this, I laughed as this evokes all that my business Dimensional Talent Streams stands for, even down to my tagline which states, “Be Fruitful & Multiple”

I want to ask & challenge you today by asking you the questions that I asked myself. What are you remembering today and who are you remembering today? What memorial will you offer up for those to remember you? Will you even be remembered & for doing what?

If you want to leave a memorial and be remembered and want to ensure you have this in your business, I want to assist you.

Contact me at: https://dimensionaltalentstreams.com/contact-me/

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