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True Happiness and How It’s Defined

Many in life are seeking true happiness. But how do we define true happiness? To find true happiness we tend to go after it in the wrong ways by filling voids in our lives that are just temporary fixes.

First, we must define happiness, then we must examine by who’s standards are we measuring our happiness. How do we achieve happiness and what does happiness look like for you individually? What and in who is the source of your happiness?

Happiness is defined as the state of being happy, it is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment, it is that state when you feel that your life is good.

With everything that has been going on the Nation and Nations it can seem that our happiness has been sucked out of us.

But the way to happiness is found in our faith in God and is measured and defined by him. It is in him that we find our happiness.

Psalms 119:1 in the passion translation states: You are only genuinely happy when you walk in total integrity & walking in the light of HIS word. Joy overwhelms everyone who keeps his ways.

True happiness comes as you pass the tests of life with faith.

When you make the words of the Lord your delight & YOU delight yourself in the Lord, true happiness IS found!

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or online marketer & things seem dry and monotonous take a journey back into time and revisit that first love of why you started in business, entrepreneurship or online marketing to begin with.

Review your current processes and see what needs to change or be revised and updated. Implement something new and engaging like a campaign that gives back to a charity of your choice, a contest or do a poll to get feedback on updating your branding and color scheme, a contest to name the top three things’ people are thankful for in 2021 etc.

Be purposeful in your pursuit of true happiness, it must be sought after and maintained daily.

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