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The Greatest Investment

The greatest investment is investing in yourself. Investing in yourself will never expire, no matter where you are in your business journey.

In fact, one of the qualities of a true entrepreneur is being able to invest in yourself & in your business on a consistent basis.

But when starting on this journey, this can sometimes be overlooked, and the need may not be easily discovered. For some, this may even be a mindset hurdle that must be overcome.

Those that have been in the industry for awhile are more seasoned, when facing this issue could be an issue with struggling in a particular area. Fear, believing a lie and/or a poverty mindset, discipline & self-control, lack of knowledge in a particular area, rejection.

We have heard the old cliches that says, “You have to spend a little to get a little” or Nothing given, nothing gained and how about, “If you want to make money, you have to spend money” Well these old sayings do have some truth to them.

Investing in yourself and in your business is the gift that always keeps on giving and can do so in many ways. Think of it as an endless return, with you as the investment. Having a true understanding of what this means is needed to shift your paradigm and the issues of fear, lack of understanding etc. all must be dealt with.

But how does one deal with any of the above issues mentioned?

           8 steps to overcoming the greatest investment battle

  1. Determine what the issue is and the root of the issue
  2. Is it just one area or more than one issue that must be dealt with?
  3. Seek wise counsel if there are several layers that need to me peeled back & if more information is needed to ensure you have everything needed to move forward in bring resolution.
  4. Action steps or plan of action to get you moving in a positive direction that result in positive change.
  5. Look at your objections or your reasoning for why you believe or are behaving in that old behavior, attitude, belief or mindset.
  6. Get an accountability partner, coach, mentor, pastor. Someone that you admire and is successful in the area you are trying to gain victory in.
  7. Have an additional action step where in 2-3 months you review where you are in that specific area you were seeking to overcome.
  8. Remember YOU are your greatest investment

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