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Do you have any Meat?

Do you have any Meat?

What does this phrase even mean? In John 21:1-11 and in the other accounts of the gospel. We see that Jesus asked Peter and a few others who were with him, “do you have any meat”? Did you catch anything?

Peter was a skilled fisherman; this was his profession, but he had been out an entire day prior to Jesus asking him this question. What he had been skilled at was no longer working. Jesus tells him to cast his net in a different direction, Peter obeys and pulls in a huge haul of fish.

But even with this big haul of fish just caught, their net did not break! Here you see an example of willingness to try something new amid being a professional. You also see multiplication & a miracle.

If you continue to read this story on your own, you also see that Peter and the others left their professional all together to follow Jesus and use the same idea of catching fish but catching men to follow Jesus.

I want to relate this to business and entrepreneurship.

Do you have meat in your business?

Are you obtaining clients especially now that COVID-19 is coming to end and businesses are getting back to normal?

What changes have you made and adjusted in business as a result of the ending of COVID-19?

Have you cast your net to the other side and adjusted your business to the new times we are living in?

Have you learned to multiple and increase profit in your business & scale your business?

Are you willing to even hear, CAST YOUR NET?

You may not have to leave your profession, but can you leave an old way of doing things and way that you were doing things?

Reflect on how you started that business and what you love about why you went into business in the first place. Now, look at where you are now, what needs to change? How do you make the change?

If your saying I don’t need to make any changes, that’s your sign that in fact you do need to make some changes, no matter how great or small.

If you are a non-business owner, entrepreneur but always dreamed of owning and having your own business, what is stopping you? What do you need to do to get over what is stopping you? Can you even here, CAST YOUR NET?

You were called to live in freedom and abundance and so much more. I challenge you to CAST YOUR NET on the other side and learn what this will look like for you!

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