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What it means today to Be Fruitful & Multiplying

What does this mean for you as a business owner, entrepreneur and/or Online Marketer, & Home Based Business?

In today’s session, Valerie takes her viewers on a journey back in time & reveals what it truly means to be fruitful & multiple. She takes a literal approach in her walk through and touches on additional topic to further enforce her teaching.

Such as, How being established is related to being fruitful & multiplying, How many times the term Be Fruitful & Multiple is mentioned in scripture, the hidden link of the actual number of times, Be Fruitful & multiplying points right back to her subject matter!

Lastly, how this all ties into understanding what’s happening behind the scenes of our day. Exploits, the Miraculous, Signs & Wonders, Breakthroughs, Advancements & securing our future!

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