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Top 10 Reasons why the Safer Path IS Business Ownership.

What for many may appear to be an easy answer, the truth lies with each individual. Corporate America may seem like a safer path for most. You interview with a firm, they offer you employment and after you get hired, your job often comes with many comfortable benefits. You get an annual salary that is typically commensurate with your years of experience and skillset that you bring to the new organization.

In addition to the salary, you get a host of great benefits such as health care, retirement plans, profit-sharing and paid vacation, to name a few. All of this feels great! You start earning your salary immediately and you get paid consistently every month. It provides a very comfortable feeling for you and your family. It feels safe, predictable and as long as you perform in your job and meet your annual goals and objectives, your job and its benefits will be there for you. But are you really in control?

If you are a top performer, you may get a chance to move up in the organization, make more money and get additional lucrative benefits. But can you ever know for sure what your path will look like in corporate America?

There are so many factors at play in a corporation. Corporate politics and who you know comes into play. A merger or acquisition can dramatically influence your future security in corporate America. No matter how good you are or your reputation is, if a new leader comes in and wants their team, you can be demoted or let go from your employer. So how much control do you have? The truth is not much. You have no control over how or if the promotion will ever happen.

If you have been successful in corporate America and have held various management and leadership roles, business ownership may be your safest path. If you can find and acquire an independent business where you have the capital to invest and bring the right skill set to the company, you may be in better control of your future income potential. As the owner, you are now in a position to call all the shots.

Business Ownership THROUGH THE TW3 SYSTEM allows YOU to invest in yourself in several different levels.

  1. Education through Coaching, Training & Conferences
  2. Multiple Motivational & Inspirational Platforms
  3. Leverage thru Multiple Income Streams
  4. Work with who you want to work with & when
  5. Various Lead Generation Techniques
  6. Innovative Technology that keeps up with the ever changing Industry
  7. Discover, Develop & Monetize by Tap into your other creative juices, skillsets, hidden talent & Dreams
  8. Investment that never stops giving back
  9. Your in the Drivers Seat
  10. No limitations put on you

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