Dimensional Talent Streams

The Mirror into Entrepreneurship

Part 4- Limiting Beliefs

3 main areas of the Mind

  1. Mind
  2. Will
  3. Emotion

When it comes to transitioning into entrepreneurship. How does mindset factor in? I’m sure you have heard sayings like, “A mind is terrible thing to waste” or “The battle is in the mind” Having a healthy mindset is necessary in everything we do in life, especially in entrepreneurship & business. With so many people now open to wanting to go into business for themselves it is crucial that we address this topic.

Limiting beliefs are things that we believe that are not advantageous. Things that we believe that limit you, keep us refined or keep us from making further progress and coming into all that we should be coming into. Things we believe that restrict us.

In our next session we’ll look more into limiting beliefs. Listen in as Terry Wilson interviews Cliff Ravenscraft, and hear a different perspective on “Mindset Matters”

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