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The Mirror Into Entrepreneurship

Part 1– Also known as “The Unclear Path -Transitioning into Entrepreneurship.”

As we dive deeper into this series, let’s first look at the what the meaning of our titles. In our last blog entry I explained the Mirror into Entrepreneurship & how when in this space, the journey of entrepreneurship draws things out of us both positive & negative. Our entire being is tested and we are forced to look at what is coming out of us, just like looking in a mirror.

However, with one major difference & that is what will we do with what is staring back at us, how will we handle what has come to the surface?

If your new to this space, this series is especially for you! For my seasoned Entreprenuers, I hope this will bring you to a place of reflect of your own personal journey.

No matter what phase of the Entrepreneurial journey your on, we come to ebbs and flows of what may seem like an unclear path in the various transitions of entrepreneurship.

At times there may even be a parallel to what may even be going on in your own personal life. Although these transitions are common to entrepreneurs, how we get there, & how we navigate, & how long we stay in these unclear paths will look different for each of us.

What do I mean when I say unclear path? Follow me along in this series!

Today, Let’s begin & identify 7 Key Areas that must be visited on a frequent basis which will in turn be the Objective & Goals as we move forward in this series.

7 Key Areas for the Entrepreneurial Journey:

  1. Mindset

2. Attitude, Emotions & Mood

3. Motivation

4. Discipline & Consistency

5. Organization- A Game Plan

6. Financial Budget

7. Community & Connections

In the next several posts, we will look at each of these 7 area’s and expound on them. Until the next blog post!

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