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The Mirror into Entrepreneurship

The Mirror into Entrepreneurship? What does this mean? The Mirror into entrepreneurship is my personal journey from working in the Healthcare Industry for over 15 years and transitioning into Entrepreneurship. Becoming a true entrepreneur has its rewards and challenges just like anything in else in life.

However, becoming an entrepreneur, being an entrepreneur will cause things inside of you to be drawn out, both positive and negative. These things that are drawn out of us, cause us to have to take a deep look ourselves where we are left staring back at ourselves. Hence, “The Mirror into Entrepreneurship”

What will we do, with what has been inside of us, that is now being drawn out of us & now it’s staring in our face? Will you understand what’s happening? For those who have been in the entrepreneurial space for a season. whether your an intermate or advanced entrepreneur, you too will face this “Mirror into Entrepreneurship.”

It’s a time of self discovery, expansion, personal makeover, revamping some things & facing the unexpected, challenges, victories & triumph. Follow me over the next several weeks as I dive into this in more detail from my own personal journey! “The Mirror into Entrepreneurship”

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