Dimensional Talent Streams

Understand where the trends are & what’s going on. Trends are moving against the status quo. Are you prepared? Are you able to see these trends & get out in front of them & earn income on your own terms? This is a time of unlimited opportunity!

Here are the Forbes Top 10 Business Trends of 2021

  1. Work from Home will continue to grow in various markets & sectors.
  2. Data equals Dollars- Text, E-mail, Data Scrubs
  3. Business Models will continue to adapt to the Remote Lifestyle
  4. Processes are going to continue to automate as the world becomes more & more Digital, On-Line & Automated.
  5. Non Traditional Funding for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs (crowd funding, blockchain)
  6. On- Line Presence Shift (Social Media Rented Space V.S Actual Website/Blog/Podcasting & other Video Systems)
  7. Renewed Focus on Local (Local Manufacturing, Businesses & Restaurants. Build, Serve Here Mentality, Local Sourcing)
  8. Purpose Driven Business (know those that labor among you. Businesses that are MORE than just a Business but they are promoting Value or are Social Awareness driven)
  9. Story Focused Based Brand Businesses (the business shape & message is to reach a certain niche. The business owner “tells their story” & wraps themselves in their story, rather than having their business wrap around them!)

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